About REST

american_flagIn 2015 the Wounded Warrior Project awarded a grant to the REST project at Colorado State University. The project’s sleep intervention includes evidence-based strategies shown to improve sleep quality and duration. The REST multi-disciplinary team, led by Dr. Aaron Eakman, is comprised of CSU’s Department of Occupational Therapy (including two of its service and outreach units, the Center for Community Partnerships and the Assistive Technology and Resource Center), CSU’s Department of Psychology and Mindfulness Institute, and University of Colorado Health.

The goal of REST is to enhance the sleep quality, sleep quantity, and the mental health of injured veterans seeking a college degree through the development and delivery of an evidence-based and sustainable sleep improvement program. By making the program’s instructional materials, methods, and outcomes nationally available through this website, we seek to positively impact sleep outcomes for injured veterans and their families wherever they may be located.